Redefinition (SAMR) Examples:

Referring to the SAMR model, ‘Redefinition’ is when technology allows for activities to be created that were “previously inconceivable”. (Walsh, 2015) One example of technology that was truly inconceivable up until recent times is called Google Expeditions. “Google Expeditions is a virtual reality tech tool” that allows teachers to guide their students on class excursions from places all around the world, from the safety of their own classroom. (Edtech 4 Beginners, 2016) Google Expeditions is a free app that can be used with or without the purchase of other equipment. For classrooms, a good purchase to make for this experience is called Google Cardboard. (Google , n.d.) Google Cardboard is a much more affordable alternative to a real virtual reality headset that can give students a similar experience. This application can be such a beneficial resource to incorporate into classrooms throughout many different subjects as students get to experience the content first hand. It makes learning extremely meaningful and real for each student.


Below is a link that will give more detail about this brilliant application, as well as a video of students using it within a classroom. Watch to see their excitement and pure engagement as they experience a whole new world within their own classroom.


Another way to incorporate technology into the classroom in a way that completely redefines an activity is through the use of Skype. Skype is a part of Microsoft and is an application that allows users to make video calls, audio calls, and message. (Microsoft, 2018) While this technology has the potential to be used in multiple aspects of the SAMR model, it can also be used for redefinition. Throughout school, students learn about many other cultures and places in the world. Through the use of Skype, teachers can now link up with other schools and allow their students to physically see and communicate with these other cultures they have learnt about. This idea benefits both parties as students are provided with an opportunity to experience other cultures in a real and meaningful way. Similar to Google Expeditions, this technology engages students deeply in their learning as they find themselves immersed fully in the content at hand, and are provided with a real-life experience.


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